Courageous Woman Conference

Join us Live, Online to Unapologetically Unleash Your Courageous Woman

4-Days: 20 Incredible Speakers

Conference Dates: July 15, 16, & 17

VIP Mastermind Day: July 18

Our Mission:
Amplify women's voices
Gain courage, clarity, and confidence
and pursue your life passionately & unapologetically!

Being Courageous isn’t about being Bold and Strong, (even though you become both when you’re Courageous); being COURAGEOUS is about Making a Decision and Going for It!

Conference Pass

3-Day Event
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    July 15, 16, 17
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Guest Speakers

Jackie Terribile


Jackie is a style coach and Founder of The Small Town Stylist, a wardrobe consulting business in Syracuse, NY. She helps professional women up level their style so they can be confident and successful at work and in life.

Jackie’s workshop will teach Resilience by Overcoming Obstacles using these tools: 1. Ability to accept where you are right now. 2. Knowing who you are & appreciating your gifts. 3. Speaking to yourself with self love and practice self care

Mollie Eliasof

When Saying No is Okay

Mollie is a Couples Psychotherapist for Top Performing Professionals in NYC/CA/Globally, Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Founder of ME Therapy NYC. Mollie specializes in helping high-powered professionals have the same success in love as they have in their career. Mollie is committed to keeping love, an ambition, alive with a to-the-point type of approach tailored to each client.

Mollie’s When Saying No is Okay Workshop will focus on:

– You’re the best decider for your destiny
– Only you know what’s best for you in a relationship
– The people around you will only understand what you need when you hand them the road map

Stephanie McAuliffe

Your REAL Self-Worth

Stephanie is an Illuminator for Leaders; leaders who are ready to step into the next level of themselves. She lights a path for us to shed the stories that have held us back, and inspires is to connect more deeply with our heart’s calling. After leaving a 27-year career on Wall Street, her mission is to guide humanity to the powerful magic of sitting in the open question. In her free time, she’s an avid cyclist, nature enthusiast, and a lover of art and live music.

Stephanie’s Your REAL Self-Worth Workshop:

~ Recognition and the climb up the corporate ladder puts our worth in external hands. ~ When we compete, what drives us and who do we really need to prove ourselves to?
~ Our real self-worth is an internal energy that can never be taken away from us.

Vicky Etherington

Amplify Your Income with a Successful Website

Vicky is an award-winning website creation coach who has been supporting entrepreneurs in their online marketing and with their websites since 2003.

Her training is about helping people who aren’t comfortable with marketing and technology to understand how to create a website which is fully focused on growing their impact and their business and how to release themselves from any reliance on anyone else.

Vicky’s Amplify Your Income with a Successful Website Workshop will help determine the best time in your business journey to create a website, the essential elements of any website, and the critical considerations for a SUCCESSFUL website

Danielle Ingenito

Take Your Power Back from Narcissistic Parents

Danielle is a Certified Reiki Master, Psychic Medium & Empowerment Coach. Danielle’s life mission is to Awaken your Self Worth after Toxic Relationships and support you in Showing Up Powerfully in your Life!

Danielle’s Take Your Power Back Workshop will dive deep into the Lack of Self Worth that is developed from narcissistic parents; how to Stop Feeling Bad for not giving parents what they want or meeting their expectations[ the importance of Creating Boundaries with Parents to strengthen the relationship, or to protect yourself from the wrath of their manipulation; and how being brought up with Narcissistic Parents create patterns of toxic relationships in your life

Valli Batchelor, PhD

Good Girls Don't Dance?

Valli’s mission is to help women to naturally reduce stress through empowering mind-body practices

She integrates modern science with ancient Indian Yogic teachings to provide effective tools – so that women and girls can create collaborative -rather than combative- relationships that matter with the mind (providing better sleep, revived energy and vigor) and the unique body (progressively providing energised life force, renewed self-image and deepening appreciation).  

Valli’s Good Girls Don’t Dance? Workshop will discuss how women are caught up in following the unwritten handbooks on serving our roles and responsibilities for others- disconnected between mind and body. You will transform using dance and yoga to move the needle to navigate back towards ourselves.. reconnecting our minds to our bodies… and developing the most intimate and long lasting love affair with the best friend within us

Elena Sonnino

Stop Fixing. Start Thriving

Elena Sonnino is a life coach and speaker. But what most people say about Elena is that she brings delightful sparks of energy to everything she does.

Her work with individuals and groups is an invitation to unearth, attune to, and embody inner strength and wisdom – or as Elena calls it, the “sunrise in your pocket.” She inspires individuals and groups to move out of survival mode to thrive in their life with more curiosity, purpose, and delight.

Elena’s powerful Stop Fixing. Start Thriving.  workshop will help you bring awareness to and transform your mindset, craft a new narrative built on a loving inner dialogue, and embody your truest self so you can thrive in the big and little moments of life.

When was the last time you weren’t trying to fix something about yourself? Embrace the wholeness of you to move away from self-improvement and towards self-compassion and self-love

Katrine Horn

Never Perfect, Always Genuine

Katrine is a Self-Love Activist. She came to feel and to understand that outsourcing love is detrimental to Happiness and Success. She now assists women who want to break the cycle of perfectionism and not feeling good enough to embrace the unique, imperfect but totally lovable person that they are so that their lives will reflect this new-found peace, joy, and acceptance through the connection to their inner knowing, to their joy and to their authenticity.

Katrine’s Learning from Negative Self-Talk workshop is a journey to understanding that even though we’d rather reject negative self-talk because it hurts, hurry over it and then forget it (till it crops up again), much better to listen to it. When we listen, it doesn’t mean we agree, but to disagree, we first have to listen.

Once we’re able to listen without getting upset, without arguing, we can actually learn from the negative things we tell ourselves. When we become quiet, we can understand that this voice is trying to protect us..

Tracy Principi

Somatic & Nervous System Healing

Tracy is a trauma informed life coach helping men and women navigate no contact with toxic parents. She provides 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring as well as an in depth 6 week group program to heal from parental abuse.

Her own unresolved childhood trauma and the most shameful secret of having a narcissistic mother led her to her own freedom by finally talking about this subject of not having perfect parents. Once she did that, the flood gates opened and hundreds of people confided in her that they have suffered the same thing. The decades of guilt and shame, pretending things are fine.

Tracy’s Somatic & Nervous System Healing will look at why mindset alone is no longer good enough and why the body and nervous system must be included. Tracy will teach the importance of being trauma-informed and the role of the nervous system in past trauma. Somatic processing is the new way forward and why trauma can no longer be ignored.

Alexandra Stockwell MD

Uncompromising Intimacy

Bestselling author of Uncompromising Intimacy and creator of the Aligned
and Hot Marriage program, Alexandra Stockwell MD is a relationship and intimacy expert who shows couples how to build beautiful, stable, long-lasting relationships.

A wife of 24 years and a mother of 4, she helps men and women infuse pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life–from the daily grind of running a household, to clear and intimate communication, to ecstatic experiences in the bedroom.

Alexandra’s Uncompromising Intimacy Workshop is all about learning to bring all of who you are to your relationship, and learning to receive all of who your partner is, is the key to continually expanding passion

Sharon Holland Gelfand

Your #1 Relationship is You

Sharon Holand Gelfand is a functional holistic and lifestyle nutritionist who helps get you in the driver’s seat of your health rather than the passenger seat.

She empowers professional women with simple, effective, home testing, giving them renewed energy, lowered stress, and control over their food and their lives. With something as simple as a snip of your hair, she can help you learn more about your body and your health without having to leave your home.

Sharon’s Your #1 Relationship is You explores how your body talks to you and the importance of tuning in and listening to what your body needs. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Nourishment comes in many forms.

Diana Miret

Women and Their Money

Diana is the Numbers Whisperer.  She can tell a business owner’s story just by looking at their numbers.  She developed this superpower after years of studies and skilled training.  She is the recipient of a BA in Accounting and Finance and spent several quarters on the Dean’s List at the University of Cincinnati.  She is an MIT certified Process Master and holds a green belt in Six Sigma and Lean Sigma.  And as with most super heroes, they use their superpowers for good.  And that is what Diana has set out to do with her coaching practice – The Business Profit Coach, LLC. Her message?  Money is power and women should have BOTH.

Diana’s Women and Their Money Workshop will explore how money is an uncomfortable subject for most of us. But it has an undeniable “hold” on us. Women have a complicated relationship with this form of energy. Until we deal with the root of this complicated relationship, it will continue to keep us in, at best, discomfort, at worse, poverty.

Estie Rand

How to Do It All

Estie built a six-figure business with zero dollars in ad-spend in under two years, with a fully virtual team (while raising five kids!) The founder and owner of Strand Consulting, an LA based boutique consultancy, this marketing maven guides business owners ranging from multi-millionaires to freelancers on how to earn more money with less headache. After a decade in non-profit, rising in the ranks to become CIO, Estie left her job to bring her skills of doing more with less to small business owners around the world. She is also the host of the acclaimed Business Breakthrough Podcast, where she humanizes business and businessifys humans.

Estie’s How to do it All Workshop features discussion around how all women (really all people) struggle with fitting it all in in today’s busy world, and Covid has brought new challenges. In this talk I will teach the audience the biggest secret to doing it all and it’s called: The One Thing.

Susie Silver

Creative Wellness

Susie is an artist, educator, coach, consultant and speaker. She is known for translating topics into meaningful discussions and creating effective takeaways to remove roadblocks and spark success. Susie’s contemporary artwork is inspired by nature and offers her viewers a moment of escape from our everyday noise. She also facilitates painting workshops for adult learners, and offers 1:1 coaching for creatives and those on a journey to creative practice. Susie is an active advocate for LGBTQ rights and offers ally training for schools and businesses so they can better support the LGBTQ community. She currently resides in Cary, NC with her wife, and two children.


Dr Marni Feuerman

Getting Smart about Healthy Relationships

Dr. Marni Feuerman is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in South Florida. She is a nationally recognized relationship and marriage expert with specialized training in couples’ therapy. Dr. Marni is a frequently quoted expert in the media and content contributor. She has written for HuffPo,, Dr. Oz’s ShareCare and The Gottman Institute among others. Dr. Marni recently released a self-help book for women who struggle with repeated unhealthy relationship patterns titled, Ghosted & Breadcrumbed: Stop Falling for Unavailable Men and Get Smart about Healthy Relationships.

Marni’s Getting Smart about Healthy Relationships Workshop is all about the core elements required for a healthy relationships How science helps us make better relationship choices Ways your feelings can help you get your relational needs met

Kim Dhatt

Why Loving Yourself is Important for Success

Kim is a strong female entrepreneur who guides women to become more confident, recognise their self-worth and use their voice! 

After spending several years in the corporate world where she faced challenges in her personal life and with her mental health, she finally realised that her purpose is to make sure no one ever feels alone like she did at her lowest point. Kim is from the UK and as a second generation British-Indian values her voice and independence above all else. She seeks to support women to find their own version of success, own their self-worth and wear their crown with pride. 

Kim’s Why Loving Yourself is Important for Success Workshop will explore the link between success, self-worth and self-love. What is your definition of Success? Is it harming or enhancing your Self-Worth?

Parul Banka

Owning Your Story

I am a story coach based in London, UK. I help coaches share their story safely, and with clarity, enabling them to build an aligned audience, and to create the impact and income they deserve.

I am also an author and a speaker. ‘My Book My Cancer Journey: A rendezvous with myself’ has inspired thousands of people all over the world.

I am on a mission to touch 1 million lives through my coaching, speaking and writing in the next 2 years. I am a fab cook. I love travelling and have a thing for the words ‘sparkle and ‘magic’

Parul’s Owning Your Story Workshop will explore how we are our stories and therefore it is important that we own them, wholly, warts and all.

Donna Korren

Shaken and Stirred--Moving Past Self Limiting Beliefs Into Action

Donna is the founder and President of Change, a women owned payment processing company. Having launched Change at 55, she understands the value of mature talent and is actively attracting seasoned professional women to work with her.

Donna’s Tedx talk, The Newest Workforce Disruptors are Over 50!  illuminates the increasing number of professionals launching new businesses and creating second careers later in life. Her digital platform, Empty Quester™, includes a video series and articles of interest for empty nesters on a quest for a new bold chapter.

Donna was the Advertising Manager at Vogue and a partner in Elements, a regional lifestyle magazine.  She pivoted into the male dominated payments industry in her 40s as a side hustle, turning it into a lucrative second career.  She is a firm believer that career changes can be made at any point in one’s life.

In Donna’s workshop, Shaken and Stirred–Moving Past Self Limiting Beliefs and Into Action, participants will learn to utilize roadblocks as motivators for change.  Donna will share tools and methods for identifying a sustainable side hustle, distinctions between a side hustle and a next career and how to stay agile and compassionate with ourselves as we figure it all out.

Event Schedule

July 15

1PM  – 4PM EST


1:00 Doors Open Virtual Meet & Greet

1:30-2:00 Robin Joy Meyers   “The Myth of Fear”

2:00-2:30 Meet & Mingle

2:30-3:00 Susan Ball –     “Twisted Childhood Stories”

3:00-3:30 Mingle & Chat

3:30-4:00 Q & A


July 16

10AM – 6PM EST


10:00-10:30 Virtual Meet & Coffee Chat

10:30-12:00 Panel 1 Defining Your Non-Negotiables

  • Stephanie McAuliffe
  • Parul Banka
  • Diana Miret

12:00-12:30 Q & A with Panel 1 

12:30-1:30 Lunch Break

1:30-3:00 Panel 2 Create a Growth Mindset for Unlimited Success

  • Mollie Eliasof
  • Kim Dhatt

3:00-3:30 Q & A w/ Panel 2

3:30-5:00 Panel 3 Healthy Relationships & The Power of You

  • Danielle Ingenito
  • Katrine Horn
  • Sharon Holand Gelfand

5:00-5:30 Q & A with Panel 3

5:30 – 6:00 Wrap-Up


July 17

10AM – 6PM EST


10:00-10:30 Virtual Meet & Coffee Chat

10:30-12:00 Panel 1 Pleasure, Passion & Self-Love

  • Alexandra Stockwell
  • Marni Feuerman
  • Valli Batchelor

12:00-12:30 Q & A with Panel 1

12:30-1:30 Lunch Break

1:30-3:00 Panel 2 Seat of Consciousness

  • Tracy Principi
  • Susie Silver
  • Elena Sonnino

3:00-3:30 Q & A with Panel 2

3:30-5:00 Panel 3 Taking Your Side Gig to a Full-Time Business

  • Estie Rand
  • Vicky Etherington
  • Donna Korren

5:00-5:30 Q & A with Panel 3

5:30 – 6:00 Wrap-Up


July 18



1:00 Doors Open Virtual Meet & Greet

1:30-2:30 Conference Review

2:30-3:00 Networking Break

3:00-4:00 Hot Seat – 1:1 Coaching in Real Time (3 lucky guests)

4:00-5:00 Goals, Plans & Making It Happen

Setting our goals workshop with Robin & Susan in your Exclusive Courageous Woman Workbook

5:00-5:30 Let’s Implement

Next Steps: Set out date for August Mastermind to continue our 1:1 work with Robin & Susan


Do you still have questions? No worries, we have answers!

Yes, this is a Live, Virtual event and we would love to see you every day but if you can’t attend one of the days, we encourage you to purchase the VIP package which includes a recording.

There is a wide variety of session topics! We asked each speaker to talk about the topic they are passionate about and is relevant to excavating your Courageous Woman. Some are talking about fear or anxiety, others about identity and purpose, others relationships, and financial independence. So many options! 

Wifi and  a device – phone, tablet, laptop. Highly recommend a notebook or journal for taking notes. There will be live workshops with the experts!

Since each order is for a separate log in, valid for one person, you would need to place each order separately. 

This unique format is a combination of talks and workshops. Each speaker will present their talk and then immediately following participants will be broken into breakout rooms and participate in a workshop with each speaker in their particular panel.

Ready to Embrace Your Courageous Woman?

Conference Pass

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  • Interactive Live Workshops with Experts
  • Conference Programme
  • Live Q&A with Experts
  • Recordings of Workshops

VIP Pass

3-Day Event + Mastermind with Robin Joy & Susan
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